The Escape Game = The Best Game Ever

While I was in Pigeon Forge the other weekend I played the best game every not once…not twice…but three times! The game I am talking about is called The Escape Game and the title tells you exactly what you do…you have to escape.

We had an hour to escape and different situation that we were in.  Every game had to have at least two people and depending on the game it could have either 6 or 9 players in total. We had to work together to solve different puzzles combinations and riddles.

The first game we played was called Prison Break and we were in a group of 8 and we started out divided into two teams of 4 in two different prison cells and we had to work together to get out of the cells and then we went to another room worked together to solve those puzzles and then went into the final room now unfortunately we didn’t escape the final room so we were posed with stickers that said “I Almost Escaped”

The second game we played was called Classified and we were paired with another couple and we were an anti-terriost group trying to stop the next terriost attack.  We had to work together to figure out where it was going to be, what day it was going to happen on and what time it was going to happen on. I really enjoyed this one because i feel like there was more thought into the one and WE ESCAPED! and we escaped with 12 minutes to spare. It was so much fun!

The third and last game we played we played as we were leaving Tennessee and it was called Heist. We were paired with another family of four, pictured above, and we were trying to stop someone from stealing a painting. This one was much faster and much easier I believe then the other two. This was the only game thought I believe that everyone was equally interested in finishing. This room only had two rooms we went into and the other two games had three rooms we went into. We also escaped this one with 24 minutes which I believe was quite good!

There was one other game called Gold Rush that we didn’t have time to play and next time we go to Pigeon Forge we will definitely have to play this. There are so many all over the US and probably internationally as well and if you ever come across one of these games I suggest playing them!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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