The Swamp Queen Palette

One thing my sister and I have really been looking forward to is this palette. I told you how much I am in love with the Lorac Pro 3 palette and this is another palette not only have I fallen in love with but so have I. It is a nice selection of neutral yet fun colors in an all around palette.

One thing I really love about this palette is the thought they put into the names. They really fit Bunny and her personality and also go along with videos she puts up on her YouTube Channel. For example that dark pink color on the far left in the middle that can be used as a blush or eye shadow is called “Does This Thing Really Work?” which is a series she has where she tries out different As Seen on TV items and test them out to see if they really work. One of my favorite colors is that small mauve color at the bottom left before you get to the big sparkly one and it’s called Haunting. One good thing about this palette in my opinion is that it has very good coverage.

I also love how big that mirror is.  This is a good palette to travel with because it is quite small in size and it comes with a great mirror and the brush is actually really nice.  In my opinion the brushes that come with some palettes really aren’t that good but this brush is actually really good.  I still use my other brushes when doing some things but this is an easy go to brush when needed.

Really the only thing that doesn’t work for me is the bronzer that is included in the palette.  The color I am talking about is the top color on the far left of the palette.  It is a great pretty color it just doesn’t work on my skin tone. It may work on yours but it just stands out a little to much on my somewhat pale skin.

I have really enjoyed playing with this palette and seeing what can be done with it and would love to hear your opinions on it as well 🙂

xxx Lauren Amanda


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