Pokemon Go has taken over my life…

Yes it’s happened and it’s probably happened to you too… Pokémon Go has taken over my life. I started playing this game Saturday July 9th and I have been playing it for almost a week now and it’s been a ton of fun so far!

The picture above was at the end of day 1 (Saturday July 9th) at the end of the game. Now I didn’t download this game until
the end of the day so this isn’t so bad for a starting day.  Charmander was my starting Pokémon and I caught the other ones around my house as well as my grandma’s house.  It is a fun game that gets you outside and walking around or riding your bike.

Tip: you can also drive around in your car and try and catch them as well but if you are going more than 20mph it won’t recognize you as walking or riding your bike so you will most likely not catch all that show up. Nor will it working on trying to hatch an egg.

At first you do start out with being able to pick three different Pokémon, which will be right around you when you start, are the three that fans of the old games will remember. You will get to pick from Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. I decided to go with Charmander but if I could start of I would pick Squirtle. I Love Squirtle! One thing I would try as well at the start is there are ways to get Pikachu as your starter Pokémon if you tried this other tip.

Tip: When starting the game before picking your first Pokémon start walking away from them, do this until the game refreshes four different times and the Pokémon are around you should (after the fourth refresh) be able to get Pikachu

The main screen you see in the game is the screen above. It shows you a map of your surrounding arear and the purple area you see around you will get bigger and smaller as you walk and that is the area where you will be able to catch the Pokémon. If it is outside this area you will not be able to see it until you are near it to a point it is in the circle.

Tip: when searching for Pokémon the little leaves you will see popping up in the air around you is wear a Pokémon is. Head towards it to find another Pokémon.

On the main screen you are able to see your avator in the bottom corner where it will show you what level you are, your xp points, how many coins you have as well as what team you are in which you will be able to join when you reach level 5.

I am on Team Red which is a team driven by the thirst for power. I joined Team Red because my friend Annie who is also playing with her husband Andrew were on Team Red so I joined with them.

Just So You Know: you are on this team with whoever in the world decides to join your team. Be careful for you share certain information with especially private and personal information.

Team Red is lead by Candela and the mascot is a Moltres. When it comes to gyms they can be controlled by any team and when you fight against whatever color the team is you can eventually take over the gym and claim it for your color. Luckily for me I see a lot of red gyms around me and a few blues. I don’t think I have seen a team yellow gym…yet.

Now lets talk about what happens when you click the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen. When you click it the picture here to your right shows up. You see your Pokedex here it will  keep track of what Pokémon you have caught so you can keep track of all the Pokémon you have seen. Every time you catch something you have never caught before it will say it is registering in the Pokedex.  The next thing you see is your shop where you are able to spend the coins you earn but you are also able to purchase some other stuff using your actually money through the iTunes store.

Week (almost) update:

I’m now a level 6 and usually by now people are a lot farther then this but I’ve worked a full time all week so it’s been hard to do it.

I do have 25 Pokemon in my pokedex and I have 50 caught Pokemon. I also now have two eggs in incubators that I can’t wait to see what comes from it. I will let you know!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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