Kylie Part 3!

Okay I have a problem I know I do but to be completely fair I don’t have all the colors like some people do 😉

As you can see my third Kylie Cosmetics order has come and I have found my new favorite color! I am absolutely loving Exposed. I had heard so many good reviews about the color and when she just did her biggest restock I just had to grab it up.  Mary Jo K is a very pretty color but I haven’t found the right wear for it just yet. I know it will be a great holiday color or winter color so I can’t wait until then to wear it. I just hope that I will find a time to wear it soon though.

Exposed it a great nude color. I had always been reaching for Candy K but now this is the one I wear the most and it goes great with my Lorac Pro 3 palette that I just talked about in my last post. There are still colors I want to get and colors I want to try and it’s rumored she is coming out with a maroon color which if this is true I want it!! and I want it now!!! lol

When I am able I will hopefully try and make a video with of a get ready with me type video using one of the lip kits.

talk to  you soon

xxx Lauren Amanda



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