My Casetify Review

I had always seen these advertisements on Facebook and Instagram so I though I would give it a shot when it was free shipping as it was $40 for the set (bumper and backplate). That is what the middle picture is.

I first order the already made Guinea pig case for my iPhone 6s Plus unfortunately though they sent me the wrong size. It took about a month to get to me and then took about another two and a half to three weeks to get to me so I believe even paying for faster shipping which is what I did for my second case isn’t working. It will still take just as long to get to you.

I did decide to order again when they had free shipping again and this time I just did the back plates and order two more. I order an already made one (the pizza case) and then I ordered a case I made myself (the one of us with Justin Faulk). The back plates themselves are great quality but the bumper after taking it off a few times gets a little worn and the buttons on the side get loose.

I have dropped mine several times with this case on and it has survived…so far. I can see some cracks inside the bumper of the case so I can tell that it is protecting my phone the way it needs to.

I love the product and do plan on buying from them again. My only dislike is how long it takes to ship.

xxx Lauren Amanda


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