My Failed Macaron Attempt

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time (when I actually have it) is to bake. I can bake way better than I can cook, I also bake way more than I cook.  Anyway back to the blog post…I decided that I would try to make some French Macarons and for people who want to know the difference between French Macarons and Macaroons is this…

  • a Macaron is a French sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food colouring.
  • a Macaroon is a type of small circular cake, typically made from ground almonds (the original main ingredient), coconut, and/or other nuts or even potato, with sugar, egg white, and sometimes flavorings

I decided to make the French version because I don’t like coconuts. But to let you all know there is an italian recipe to this which I think the difference is the way things are mixed…I’m not sure.

I followed a recipe that I found on Pinterest as well as watched several videos for several days before I decided to make the cookies.  I had both my mom and sister’s help with making these and I know where I messed up for sure looking back at the day I made these. I baked them way to long…way to long. Once you get them onto the template or cake sheet, whatever you are using, you have to let them sit for like 30 minute to an hour until when you touch them they have a shell like feel to them and nothing comes off on your fingers you then bake them for only like 15 minutes…I bake mine for like 30. BUT I HAD A REASON… at least I thought I did.

When you make the actually cookies that make the sandwich like thing it creates this little like border type thing around the bottom of the cookie called teeth…yes teeth and I kept baking them trying to get the teeth to show up.

The filling I made was just a chocolate butter cream and it was really good but that was the easy step.  I know the next time I make these I will bake them less and also one of the steps is whipping a mixture to make a meringue like substance and I don’t think I wiped mine long enough so next time I will whip it more.

You can only learn from your mistakes so I know what my mistakes were and next time I will approve on them and I will let you know how it goes!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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