That Time I Stayed in a Cabin

Over the holiday weekend my family and I were able to check something off of our bucket list and that was to stay in a cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  It was so much fun!

To be able to sit outside and eat breakfast on the porch, to sit in the hot tub at night and to watch the fireworks from our deck, was the most amazing thing I have experienced so far in my lifetime.  We stayed up in a mountainy type area.  We didn’t have a mountain few it was very foresty and it was nice to see woods when we woke up.  I do love a mountain view but having the ability to maybe see a wild animal walking around in my back ear was really cool.  Unfortunately we didn’t see a wild animal I thought I heard a few sometimes but we didn’t see any 😦

It was a two bedroom, two bathroom cabin.  My sister and I stayed in the king size bedroom upstairs and my mom stayed in the queen size bedroom downstairs.  Upstairs there was a living room a full kitchen, a bathroom with a jacuzzi bathtub, a screened in porch and a deck.  Downstairs the was a game room, a screened in porch with a hot tub, a full laundry room and another bathroom. My sister said that the jacuzzi tub wasn’t all that but how often do you get to use one of those.

We enjoyed our time in the city but being able to just sit and relax in the cabin was so much fun. I do wish that we were able to spend a little more time in the cabin but we had so many things planned that we wanted to do that we only got to spend the morning and evenings at the cabin and most evenings we were in the hot tub.

xxx Lauren Amanda


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