My Roadtrip Essentials

As summer approaches my family and I as well as myself and friends have planned several road trips, whether they last several days or its just as day trip these are a few of my road trip essentials.

  1. Snacks and Drinks – I always grab for a bag of chips and a bottle of lemonade.  You want to pick up something that won’t make to much of a mess.  You don’t want to have to have clean yourself up while driving.
  2. Comfy driving/riding clothes – Whether I am driving or riding in the car I want to be comfortable.  I usually pick a nice comfy t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants or stretchy shorts for the summer.  You don’t want to be uncomfortable in a tight dress or wedged heels.
  3. A Pillow – I keep a pillow pet in my car, yup you heard me a pillow pet.  I do usually bring my own pillow if I am staying at a hotel or something but to have a small pillow in the car, like a pillow pet, it’s easier to move around then a big old bed pillow.
  4. A Map/TomTom – Each member of my family has a TomTom in there car but on road trips, especially to places I have never been, I usually have printed out directions to wherever I am going incase the TomTom stops working or gets confused. I don’t always get along with the TomTom.
  5. Music – lots and lots of music. I always have music playing while I am driving. I have been leaning more towards the new Justin Bieber cd as well as James Bay’s cd. But then I will pull for some old ones like Louder by R5 or Jump5.

I love taking a good road trip somewhere but being in the car for several hours can be quite boring so having some fun things to do is!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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