My Night at the Baseball Field

One of my favorite spring/summer type things is to go and watch my local baseball team play.  Growing up I played a lot of sports and watched a lot of sports.  I unfortunately can’t make it to all of the games so I only hold half-season tickets.

One of my favorite memories was when I was younger we had one of my softball end of season party was at this baseball field.  We were paired with the player that played the same position as us and we got to run out onto the field with them when they were announced.  I played first base so it was really cool to get to run all the way there with the player.

One of my most favorite things about going to the baseball theme is that most nights is a theme night.  Star Wars night, Superhero night, Movie on the field night, things that not only keep myself entertained but the people I am going with as well.  I enjoy going with family and friends because they enjoy it just as much as me and also when the music plays I’m not dancing by myself like a fool 🙂 As you can tell by the picture above when I participate in theme nights I go all out.  It took be about two to two and a half days to finish all three of our tutus.

To go out and see a great game and to see people having fun at the game is one way to keep the people coming.  We have been through several different sports teams in my home town. In my 26 years of living (that I remember) this is our second baseball team, we’ve had two hockey teams and a third one about to come, a basketball team and a football team. At this moment the only team still going is this baseball team and the new upcoming hockey team. I just want to be able to see sports and not have to travel far!!

The other night I went with my sister because where she works was hosting the theme night that night.  Being able to see all the different jobs and opportunities through the game and community helps people out with raising money, finding jobs and reconnecting with friends. To be able to spend time with people and enjoy the game is something not a lot of people get to do. Working full time or going to school keeps you away from the people you love sometimes and getting to just take some time away from both of those things and see the people you love make your remember what truly matters.

It’s a game and that’s the one thing you always need to remember, win or lose you had fun and they did too.

xxx Lauren Amanda


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