Friendship…It Means a Lot

Whether you have one true friend or 10 close friends, friendship is one of the most important things to hold onto.  I have a lot of close friends, my sister, my friend Cassie, several of my co-workers.

The definition of a friend – a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. A person who gives assistance; patron; supporter.  The definition of friendship is – the state of being a friend; association as friends. to a value a person’s friendship.

I easily make friends, it’s something I really do like about myself.  I can easily find a friend in someone who is funny, intelligent and easy to get along with.  I have kept friendships for years and I have kept friends for months.  I have lost touch with people I was once friends with and I have made new ones in there place. Cassie is one of my true friends. She is been there through everything, the only time we were apart since fifth grade was when she decided to brave the world and go off to college and see what life is really like.

She is a friend who I can hang out with in pajamas at home or also get dressed up with and go out. My sister and I have had dinner with Cassie once a week since we all graduated college.  If we miss a week we do it twice the next week. If we are bored at home we will go out twice in one week just because we can.

I have friends who are years younger than me, I have friends who are years older than me and I have friends who are the same age as me.  Some of us are just alike in personality and I have friends who are the complete opposite of me. I have worked with children my entire life and some of those I have made friends with.

Amanda and her two boys are friends I made through church.  They are friends I hope to have for life.  We take road trips together and we go to the movies or dinner just for fun.  Having the boys around lets me act like a child again and not get in trouble for doing something I shouldn’t. I taught them what a wet willy was and I have taught them many things they should know 😉

Friends are people you chose to make and people you chose to keep around you. If they are negative towards everything and you don’t feel comfortable around them maybe you should sit down and think about whether they should be around you any longer.

I’m here to help if you have friendship questions

xxx Lauren Amanda


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