And Then There Were More LipKits!

Last week I showed you the Lipkits that I was able to get my hands on, now I am showing you the Lipkits that my sister got her hands one. The two she decided to get were Dolce K and Posie K. Now I did ask her to pick up Dolce K for me but that’s not the point šŸ˜‰

These two are considerably darker then the first two lip kits we purchased and to be honest I think I like these a little more. Dolce K is a pretty dark brown, not as dark as her True Brown but if you wanted a brown colored matte lipstick that wasn’t too dark this is the one I would choose.

Posie K is my sister’s go to color it is pretty true to the color on the box, you wouldn’t see that by looking at the third picture on the bottom but it is very true to that color.  She wore this lipstick to church this past Sunday and she got quite a few complements on it. She is pretty pale in skin tone so it showed up nicely and was very stand outish.

I can’t wait to see what the new limited editions she is releasing for the fourth of July. I hope they are blue. Her two other limited editions as of right now are her black matte lipstick and black metal lipsticks and I do not plan on buying those. I am WAY to pale for those.

xxx Lauren Amanda


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