Welcome to the Family!

Over the past year I have unfortunately had to have two dogs, one was mine and one was my grandma’s, put down 😦

This past weekend my grandma had the decision to look on the site petfinder.com and saw a cute little girl name Fiona.  She had always said that if she was to get another dog she had a list of things it needed to have/be –

  1. it couldn’t be a puppy
  2. it had to be house trained
  3. it had to be calm
  4. it had to be good around people and children
  5. it and to be good in the car

and for our luck Fiona was all of that.  

So we packed up the car and went on a three hour car trip to see if Fiona was the dog for us.  Now the shelter that found her had named her Fiona and she only had that name for a few weeks before we got her but to help her out we decided to keep her name the one they gave her instead of changing it and causing more confusion.

My uncle who works for a vet definitely had his concerns going to get this dog when he had never met or looked at but since meeting her he has changed his mind.

We all love sweet Fiona and can’t wait to see what life with her holds!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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