A Birthday Surprise!

One thing I love to do the most is help people cross things off there bucket lists.  This year I am going to help my mom do just that.  My mom is a big sports fan and one of her favorite sports teams are the Washington Redskins and one thing on her bucket list is to see them play.

Well guess what?

My sister and I got together and are planning on making this dream come true.  As she opened her birthday present yesterday the shock on her eyes was the same as it was when she opened her Adele tickets for Christmas.  I want to put the thought and event into the gifts I give not only to my mom but to everyone who gets a gift.  I got my friend a Jane Austin coloring book the other day and she almost cried.

I’ve taken friends to Carolina Hurricanes game by getting tickets on seat geak and this is how I got these game tickets.  There are many apps you can get on your phone and through your computer where you can get tickets for cheaper than normal.

If you ever get stuck on what to get someone for there birthday remember there favorites. It’s the thought that counts then the amount of money you spend.

Happy Birthday Momasita!

xxx Lauren Amanda


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