My Family History


Recently I stumbled upon an episode of TLC “Who Do You Think You Are?” and in this episode Tony Goldwyn was getting to look at his ancestry.  If you don’t know who he is because I recognized him but didn’t know his name, to me I know him from the Divergent movie as Tris’s dad but he has been in so many other things as well.

Anyway this really intrigued me to figure out what my family history may look like.  I have since found out that I have a murderer in my family, I’m not related to John Wilkes Boothe which both my Uncle and Great Grand Aunt think we are. WE AREN’T! But to all seriousness getting my ancestry account and seeing all of the stuff I have found and matching them to all the research my grand grandmother had done before she passed has been so much fun.

Here are my to 5 tips for people if they want to start researching family history:

  1. Keep a notebook.  I didn’t do this when I first started, I literally printed everything I found and since starting to keep this notebook I have saved paper and printer ink.
  2. If you do plan on printing only print out the stuff of your family line – you don’t need your great grandmothers sisters grandchild birth record.
  3. is really worth the money.  Use the trial first and see if you enjoy it but I really do recommend if you are going to put some time to research your history then is the way to do it.
  4. Google everything and everyone.  I have found more about each of my family members by just googling there names.
  5. Ask your family members stuff as well.  I have asked my grandmother so many questions that she asked me on a daily if I have figured out anything more.

With my notebook I have separated each family member and there family members by color and through my googling I have found other people researching members of my family and in my notebook I use a color I’m not the biggest fan of to write done some notes that they have made.  That way looking back I will know what information i didn’t find on my own and can compare it to things I find on myself.

My next plan with is to order the DNA kit the next time free shipping is available because then it will show me what is in my bloodline.  Am I irish, am I hispanic, am I European?  I’ll let you know once I take the DNA test.

xxx Lauren Amanda


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