They really do exist!

I want to start out this post by saying I am in no way bragging about anything, I am just super excited about this!

I have been trying so hard to get at least one of these Kylie Jenner Lip Kits and had failed so many times that I actually thought they might not actually be real, but guess what THEY ARE!!!

I had been following every single online media that  I could to see when the new Lip Kits would be released and saw that there was a restock on a day that I would be getting off early.  So after clocking out at work I rushed home and opened up my computer and kept hitting refresh until the 6:00 showed up on my computer and then it was like I had just run a marathon.  When I hit submit for my order my anxiety kicked up a bit because I had heard people had them in the baskets and when they submitted it one or all of there items had already sold out.  But my items didn’t I had officially bought TWO Kylie Jenner Lip Kits!!  The two that I ordered were KoKo K and Candy K which I had heard were two favorites so that itself made me really happy!

Since purchasing these two kits I have been able to wear them a couple of times.  The last pictures in both rows do not truly show the colors of these kits.  KoKo K is more of a nude pink color and Candy K is more pink then nude.  Out of these two I definitely wear Candy K then I do KoKo K.  They are both beautiful colors and I am so happy to own them, they are true matte lipsticks and can be a little drying as the day goes on.  At first in my opinion they aren’t that drying but after a few hours my lips do feel a little chapped.

The top color in this picture is my sister wearing KoKo K and in the lower pictures it is me wearing Candy K.  My sister wore her lipstick out to dinner that night and saw by the end of the night the color had pretty much worn off, I wore it a few days later and completely colored my lips in with the lip liner and then put the lipstick over it and it seemed to make it last just a little longer.

We have since ordered a couple more and I will review those in a future post but they really are great Lip Kits and will hopefully get my hands on a few more in the future and I do recommend if you want to pay the money for them they are a great investment 🙂

xxx Lauren Amanda


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