They Won!!!

As you all will figure out as this blog goes I am a big hockey fan.  Now my go to team is the Carolina Hurricanes, I am pretty proud that the penguins one.  At the start of the playoffs my mom, sister and I all made a bracket.  Looking back at it I am pretty shocked I didn’t have the penguins winning I had the LA Kings.  I have been lucky enough to see the penguins play a couple of times when going to see Carolina play and at the time Jordan Staal was my favorite.  He’s on Carolina now which makes it even better.  But to see Sidney Crosby lift the cup and the Conn Smythe Trophy is amazing.  He is a great player and a great team mate.

Now this is a random post and have more to come but I really do want this to be a lifestyle blog.  I want to know what you all want to read, I want you all to know what fun things I think are happing and I want to be able to relate.

xxx Lauren Amanda




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